Hive On boarding

Hive App On boarding

The purpose of onboarding screens is to introduce the products and the app. Given that these are often the first set of screens with which users interact… They also set the users’ expectations of the app and hopfully give the user the ability to reimagine their home.

My goal was to present all features, products and benefits of Hive in an attractive and easily decodable way with a short, helpful and readable description..


I started my research by looking at the current screens, which I found short and neat but no longer relevant for Hive users and products. Then did some competiton research to see what other products are doing (my research included IOT industry and whatever I consider as leading product on onboarding users eg. Dropbox, Evernote, IFTTT etc...  


After I gathered all the requirments that I needed from the stakeholders, I moved to the ideation stage, creating the first drafts in hand drawn sketches and then started wireframing them.



User tested a rapid prototype (InVsion) and gathered all the necessary feedback and information for the UK market and for the US market. eg. One of my finding was that the illustrations was testing really well in both the US and UK market, but "Hot water" did not made any sense for the US market (No hot water tanks in the US).


I always try to communicated my ideas to the stakeholders and developers through a detail animated prototype. My goal was to present all features, products and benefits of Hive in an attractive and easily decodable way with a short, helpful and readable description.